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Deposit Information

*The Deposit is two nights' rental* unless it is a weekly rental. In that case, it will be 50% of the base rate of the reservation.

For Reservations that are more than one month away:
After asking me to hold your accommodation, you'll have up to one week to get your deposit to me. It will automatically be erased on the 8th day. Please send a personal check, Bank check, or money order made out to "Marion Sause" for the amount that is written on the Confirmation that is emailed to you.
Mail to:
Cramers Point Motel & Cottages
3382 Lake Shore Dr.
Lake George, NY 12845-6620

For Reservations that are less than one month from now:
To make a reservation: Please call me with your Visa or Master Card to charge your credit card for the deposit amount. The balance will be due upon arrival.
Thank you.
Frank & Marion Sause • 3382 Lake Shore Dr. • Lake George, NY • 12845-6620