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What to Bring (And What Not To Bring)
Sorry Pet lovers. Absolutely no pets. You will be asked to leave without refund if you are in violation. Some people are allergic and it is not fair to subject them to pet dander when they are not expecting to be.
Everyone needs to bring beach towels. Housekeeping Cottages also need to bring bath and kitchen towels. We supply all the linen except for portacrib sheets and blankets.
Our BBQ Grills are charcoal grills. We do not supply the charcoal. We only supply BBQ Utensils in the hskg. cottages and efficencies, however the motel units also have access to BBQ grills... so if you would like to use them... just bring your utensils along.
The motel units have refrigerators and microwaves, however, we do not supply any dishes or utensils so be prepared if you will be needing them.
For your convenience, we have 3oz. dixie cup dispensers provided in all bathrooms. If you would like to use them, please bring along some cups.
Bring along a VCR and DVD player with remote control and proper cables if you want to rent videos. Our TVs are all cable ready, but we don't have HBO or any other premium channels. The VCR is sometimes required to hook up a DVD player to the TV.
(Hskg. Cottages) Alarm Clock - In case you don't like to sleep-in on your vacations. They are included in the motels & efficencies.
A table cloth for picnic tables.
An old sheet to sit on at the beach. It is a grassy beach and we do not have chairs at the beach to sit on. We do have them at the pools.
A cooler. Most attractions allow them. We have a free ice machine for you to use.
For the people staying in housekeeping cottages, please bring Bathroom Cups & Air Freshener, 1 Ply Toilet Tissue, Paper Towels, Paper Plates, Napkins, Tissues, Pot Holders, Soap, Cleaners, Garbage Bags, Plastic Bags, Aluminum Foil, and any other disposable item that you might want to use.
Blow up rafts, tubes, life jackets or swimmies. We have a compressor, just ask at the office.
For those using pullout sofas or futons, you might want to consider bringing an egg-crate, or blowup mattress to put on top. Sleeping bags also work well for children sometimes, however, we do supply sheets and blankets.
Please do not bring any boats (canoes, kayaks, rowboats, motorboats, etc.)
Patio or Beach Umbrellas can be put into the center of our new patio tables (for Unit #'s 15-22 and Unit# 1 only)
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